Mermaid has always been a favorite fantasy character of young girls all over the world and keeping the popularity of this fantasy character most of the young girls have an obsession to look like a mermaid with colored long hair, magical voice and tail just like a fish have. In this regard, if you are a parent and want to fulfill your daughter’s demand then a swimming costume with mermaid swim tail will definitely fulfil your daughter’s dream.

How to swim in the pool after wearing a mermaid tail swimming costume

Buying of a mermaid swim tail will not provide the actual solution. In that case, you need to teach your daughter how to swim in the water as both of her legs will be occupied within the mermaid tail costume. There are different steps by which you can guide your daughter. First of all, you can download swimming guide book from the web or make contact with the swim school instructors. They will teach your daughter how to swim with mermaid swim tails using the Dolphin kick method. This method is also used by the drivers to discover the underwater beauty of an ocean. It is also an easy learning method which comes with non-impact motion. This method will also help your daughter to do exercise for her upper and lower as. This Dolphin kick method while wearing a mermaid tail is also known as the Mermaiding.

Different types of mermaid swim tail costumes

There are mainly three types of mermaid swim tail costumes available in the market. First one is the Shimmertail which comes with straps for feet and fin which is way lighter than a mono fin. As the fin remains in the costume tail, your daughter won’t e able to walk after wearing the costume. The second one is the hand-made mermaid swim tail costume which is much popular in the USA. These types of costumes offer a mono fin and an optional bikini top. You can either buy a whole costume setup or can buy just a mono fin if your daughter wants to swim and the mono fin is heavier than a Shimmertal type mono fin. The last one is Supreme type costume which offers a fish like tail with mono fin and a backpack at free of cost. In this types of costume, the mono fin remains in the fish tail. Supreme type mermaid tail costume is preferred by most of the customers.

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